Posicionarnos en el mercado comercial y técnico de maquinaria como una empresa solida, responsable y comprometida con la calidad de servicio, capaz de cumplir a cabalidad con los compromisos adquiridos, fortalecer el departamento de importaciones,


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  3. I would be interested in comments from those that have been through childbirth. Has the article and perhaps the Coroner (though I have not read the full report) not addressed the possible effects of post natal situational and hormone imbalance (depression)? It used to be referred to frequently but less so nowadays.

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  110. not surprising that the project is "a bit of a flop". Anything like this needs a lot more initial publicity if it's going to stand a chance — not just from the IPO but from external media (over which the IPO has no control). Also, it's kinder to all concerned if things like this are not trialled over the summer when so many people are on holiday, distracted by the cricket or (in the case of locals) rioting. P2P deserves more of an airing — let's hope it gets it.

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  136. I'm glad to read that Mr. Ward changed his position on the wearing of the awareness t-shirts. What is terribly sad is the national PR damage he inflicted on the city. All leaders should have the foresight to think before they react. Mr. Ward apparently continues to surprise the public with his lack of leadership and his grudge holding agendas after all these years. So sad.

  137. I am certain it is entirely blacks who are rioting. If there were any whites, you can be sure the MSM would say, "mixed race mobs." That would cheer them up, the idea that whites are rioting. Instead, there is no mention whatsoever of the race of the rioters. An absolute give-away.

  138. God Bless you for the work you do for these animals. I can’t help but wonder who could have witnessed this animals condition and not done something sooner? He must have begged for food and attention, right? Guess we will never know what goes wrong with people who are in a position to help and don’t. You and medical staff have worked miracles here. May you live long and prosper with that kind of love in your hearts!

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